The Victory and The Vice

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Election 2012, Politics

On June 27, 2012 many Americans woke up awaiting the supreme court decision regarding the constitutionality of the “Affordable Health Care Act”. However, in the City of Houston, Texas (the fourth largest city in America) the radio waves were flooded with the celebration of “DJ Screw” a noted artist who created the “Chopped and Screwed” technique infamously used by Disc Jockeys (Djs) throughout the nation.

This celebration brought forth great memories and radio stories of how this one man made such a great contribution to the music industry, yet while our ears were tuned to the local R&B stations our eyes were awaiting the decision to be announced from the Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS).  En route to work, I tuned into the CNN live broadcast via my iPhone to ensure that I didn’t miss one of the most important SCOTUS decisions since Bush v. Gore. This important announcement would really play a key role in the outcome of the November elections, so I had to ensure that I did not miss anything.

I got to the office, sat down and read various site discussions: Facebook posts, twitter hashtags and all types of social media statements. Then the announcement came (Supreme Court Strikes Down #Obamacare) man I thought this is really bad, how do we recover from this and the anchors were just raving about how this was a direct blow to the President. I must admit I was saddened, but luckily that report was incorrect and President Obama’s “Affordable Health Care Act” passed in a 5-4 decision with unlikely support from the Chief Justice; ‘Mr. Right Wing’ Republican himself, John Roberts.

This decision protected the great securities provided to us within the very detailed legislation; especially the mandate that allowed teens to stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26. This was a major accomplishment that I know we really will not appreciate until many years from now. It’s funny that this is the day that was selected in the movie Back to the Future ,  maybe they knew something we didn’t (just kidding) although that date is very ironic. After calming down from such a high because of this landmark decision, little did I know that there was another storm brewing with the walls of the congress.

Just hours after this successful announcement congress took a vote to hold the first African American Attorney General (Eric Holder) in contempt of congress(What?!). I remember previous new cast about the Fast and Furious investigation, but seriously the documents were sealed by the President of the United States move forward tea party, it’s called executive privilege. So this is when I just decided to log into youtube and play some of Dj Screws old gray classics because in my opinion we had been “Chopped & Screwed” as a party. The Congress took the vote even receiving democratic support from a few representatives to hold the Attorney General in contempt of congress. It was clear that this was going to be a ‘tit for tat’ day in Washington.

As the vote was taking place the Tri-Caucus took a stand and walked out during the vote and spoke on what had just taken place. So the political pundits got to speaking on what was meant by this unprecedented act of congress and Eric Holder  gave a marvel statement:

“Regrettable culmination of what became a misguided and politically motivated investigation”in the midst of a high-stakes election year.”

“Today’s vote may make for good political theater in the minds of some, but it is, at base, both a crass effort and a grave disservice to the American people,” the attorney general said in a statement. “

This vote was 258-95 and 17 democrats who swear that their votes weren’t driven by the pressures of the National Riffle Association (NRA) even joined in on this vote. Attorney General Eric Holder was clearly aggravated by this immature attempt to obviously deter him from tending to the true issues that will soon arise such a voter disenfranchisement, suppressions and other tactics that will show there face before the November elections. It clearly makes no sense to pursue such a minute matter in such tumultuous times within the nation.

On June 27th, 2012, history was made, but the misguided, partisan driven politics further revealed its face hurriedly to deter future progress. In November, we must be focused on electing progress for our nation and the future generations. Our educational systems cannot take another below, our neighborhoods and communities can not afford to remain dilapidated due to the outsourcing of jobs, our children cannot continue to receive unjust sentencing for crimes equally committed in more affluent communities. We must stand against these injustices and exercise our right to vote every time the polls open. June 27th, 2012  we were chopped and screwed by the assumed blind scales of justice. I often feel as if lady justice is not so blind and society is not as race neutral as we would desire, but I’ll remain faithful to the documents that govern our land encompassing the audacity of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Although the Victories of the moment take us to the mountaintop, it is the Vice’s of our nation that pull us into the valley.


Submitted to the scholars,

In Leadership, Love and Service.

K. Colbert (The Urban Philosopher)

  1. Robert White says:

    Great job, You have enlightened me brother.

  2. Aurelia says:

    Two snaps!!

  3. Terrance says:

    Very enlightening bro thanks for sharing. Proud of you

  4. I always wondered what goes on in your mind now we get to see…..Love this 1st journey

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