Children’s Defense Fund – Pre – Conference Thoughts

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Welcome

Children’s Defense Fund! Pre-Conference Thoughts

On Saturday June 21, 2012, I boarded a charter bus in pursuit of “Justice”. Excited about returning to the Children’s Defense Fund Conference I was extremely excited about the progressive thoughts that would take place at this conference during this three day period; however, I had to overcome the deep thought of riding in a bus filled almost to capacity to hear dialogue about our future.

Many may think that spending four days of summer, journeying twenty-four hours, and getting up at 6 AM every morning after working persistently throughout the night almost till the next day writing out strategic plans to implement in our various communities throughout the country is crazy. No, I’m not crazy, there is a movement going on in America and 1,400 young men and women from various collegiate institutions are the leaders of this movement, guided by the spirits of our forefathers that evoked change in the past. I’m journeying 24 hours in a semi air-conditioned bus for CHANGE! I’m journeying 24 hours in a seat that was created to accommodate two individuals sitting upright TO LEGISLATE THE FUTURE! I’m journeying 24 hours in pursuit of a brighter future for our tomorrow! Yes, I could sit back and chill during the last week of my tenure in Houston, Texas and complain about the injustices in my community and the education system in the united States. I could easily watch CNN in my comfortable chair and shake my head (SMH) at the actions of the current generation and the leadership.

WHY NOW Kedarious? Why get involved in this conference?? What is this movement you speak of???

I’m speaking of the movement led by our yet living civil rights legacy Mrs. Marian Wright Edelman that fought the good fight and has vowed to “protect and provide” for the future generation of tomorrow. I’m joining the lineage of my ancestors to lead the future to change and ensure that not only there is a better tomorrow, but that there is a tomorrow period. This conference is the next generation of leaders that have connected through various institutions, non-profit organizations, high school groups, fraternities, sororities, and a number of other institutionalized organization designed to ensure that we (Children) are not forgotten. We are a voiceless group of all minorities throughout the world. “The Ocean is so large, and our boats are so small.”

I responded to a call to action to not only network, but also prepare for a better tomorrow. Though I am going to lose sleep; work tirelessly; be intellectually challenged; I’ll learn the plan to invoke a change in my community. Once before when I came to an event affiliated with the Children’s Defense Fund – YALT Advocacy Leadership Training (YALT) – my life was truly changed. I know that is cliché like, but listen up, I’m so serious… I have never smiled, cried, frowned, complained, contemplated political opinions, rejected discrimination, and stayed up with young minds of hundred that certainly did not think like me AT ALL, and loved it! Never had I felt this way within a twenty-four period. But I GREW! I learned that I was not always right and that my opinions are not always necessary. I grew intellectually, gained perspective, eradicated hatred, added lifetime friends, and really learned how to do something about the problem. I had never met so many young, yet progressive men and women that were still hella cool, but leaders of the movement.

If that experience can be replicated I will most undoubtedly be in the midst to gain experience everything that it has to offer.



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