The Movement.. July 22, 2012

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Welcome

When we arrived to the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) national conference being held in Cincinnati, Ohio we were greeted with the spirit of Ubuntu – I am because we are. People greeted you with open arms, receptive minds, and spirits of love as if we were all family. Though many of the students arrived in groups they soon began to attract to like spirits through conversation, fraternal relation, geographic commonality, and a number of other variables that differ us, yet make us all the same.

Reflecting upon the spirituals that were song on the Sabbath (The Holy Day), the day of a new beginning, I was inspired. Today is only the first day of the conference, but reminded me of why not only I exist, why I am here, but what greatness the future holds. Over 1,400 students journeyed 28,000 miles collectively to “Pursue Justice for Children”. Flying, Driving, Walking from four to twenty-four hours for this “justice” showed the importance of such a vision for a better tomorrow.

After registration, we were introduced to the CDF staff that sent the many e-mails, phone calls, and tweets in preparation for the conference, which provided for many the sense that we already knew those standing before you in the leadership capacities. Yet, they were not standing to provide us with their various accolades of graduating from universities such as Harvard to the School of hard knock life. They were setting the pace, for what would begin one of the most life changing conferences of our life.

We were instructed about what the conference would entail, yet there still remained a sense of the ambiguity. As a returning YALTer, I not only knew that what is before us would be great, but as a lover of knowledge, I instantly became ecstatic about the plenary sessions that would feature many of the leaders of the movement.

As we culminated the evening with a concert that featured poets and famed artist such as “Sweet, Honey, and the Rock” my heart, my mind, my spirit, and the ethos of the evening drowned out the background noise of my life and prepared us to walk into tomorrow with grace.

As we migrated to our various hotel rooms, I kneeled in prayer:

Stating the mantra of the Children Defense Fund “Dear Lord Be Good to Me The Sea Is So Wide and My Boat is So Small.”

While we had to be up at 6:30AM, I knew that what tomorrow withholds will be necessary for the continuation of the movement.

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