Fisher V. University of Texas at Austin

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Welcome

I almost felt sorry for poor Abigail, but then I thought about the many years of injustice that have occurred and thought “Welcome to our World Abigail.” I however, disagree with the comparison of Sweatt V. Painter because Heman qualified to be admitted,but was rejected only upon the basis of skin color. Abigail on the other hand, DID NOT QUALIFY! If the President of the institution is telling you that “race was not the only factor in your rejection” then guess what Abby??? MOVE ON. I can not believe that the Supreme Court is even taking this serious; reverse racism, seriously??? When you are subjected to over 200 years of slavery and continuously disenfranchised because of the color of your skin THEN we can talk Abby. 46% of the Freshman Class is white and only 5% is black; ABBY, seriously??? The real question is what were your ACT and SAT scores compared to the others?? And if you really wanted to go to UT Austin “all your life” then you would have been in the Top Ten percent, additionally if you were legacy and still did not get in Abby there is more to it then your skin color UT just did not believe you belonged there.

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