The Impact of Fisher to Higher Education

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Welcome

The Impact of Fisher to Higher Education

Higher Education can not take a blow this hard. The disproportionate effects that this ruling would have on students of color can be paralleled to those of Jim Crow. Tim Wise said it best “To begin, race-neutral policies cannot possibly solve persistent racial inequities. Because so many of those disparities are caused by racial discrimination — not merely the residue of past racism but ongoing racial discrimination in the present-day — universal efforts, though valuable, will prove insufficient.” 
This decision is tricky though because President Obama has often taken the approach of race-neutral rhetoric. Will they use the position and language of our President to justify a ruling? 

Since Kagan has recused herself the vote is projected to tie 4-4,but you never know. It is my hopes that the lower courts decision is upheld and the Supreme Court kind of agrees to disagree.


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