Trio Program – McNair Cuts!

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Welcome

Trio Program – McNair Cuts!

On November 12, 2012, I read an article in the Cornell Daily Sun announcing the arrival of the Ronald McNair Program at Cornell University. I remember reading and thinking “this is going to be a great opportunity, but do they really need McNair here?!” I thought nothing of it, until recently when I went back to speak with my McNair coordinator and learned that they (Texas Southern University) along with 74 other programs throughout the nation lost their program. I was enraged and through additional research, I learned that North Carolina A & T lost their program as well – this was Dr. McNair’s undergraduate institution. You award the program to Cornell, UPenn, Columbia and cut Texas Southern, NCA&T, Alabama A&M??? The aforementioned institutions aren’t in need of additional research dollars! This lost will only detract from the amount of students gaining the necessary skill set to compete with other students graduating from Tier 1 research institutions and going onto to top graduate programs. Only three HBCU’s were re-awarded the program and one was newly appointed. If the goal is “to get first generational students to gain a PhD and teach”, then why would you award only institutions with a dearth of students of colors with low graduation rates for those that are there????? This is just not making sense to a young brother…..

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