“Stop & Frisk” SMH!

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Welcome

“Stop & Frisk” SMH!

This market should submit a public apology and the young man that conducted the search should no longer be employed. I know if a white man walked into a store and reportedly stole an item, he would not have been publicly patted down, Let’s Tell The Truth! YES I SAID IT…. It’s time out for this nice, “it was a mistake” type stuff. Your goal was to embarrass him and prove that he stole the a cheap deli product and my goal would be to legally do that and more. This “Stop and Frisk” in NYC is the biggest violation of civil liberties arguably since Roe V. Wade. Once more, black and latino men are being legally targeted by “civil servants.” I’m glad my fellow Longview native handled this situation with dignity, but these microaggresions are sickening and must end.

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