Jail Time Not the Answer to Atlanta Cheating Scandal

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Welcome

This is a sad, but so complex as well.

Black America Web

It was the saddest news of the week: three dozen public school educators were indicted in a huge cheating scandal. Included in the indictment are the former superintendent of schools and several high-level administrators and principals.

If you haven’t heard about it, they are accused of giving or changing answers on tests after they were turned in to boost their students’ grades.

They were wrong and they may be going jail.  But what does that solve, really? Will children be able to pass those tests? Will teachers still feel intimidated into making sure students perform better? Will schools stop pressuring teachers to do things that may be beyond their control?

Schools with good test scores get extra money to spend in the classroom or on bonuses, and everyone knows how rough it is for most public schools and public school teachers.

I believe with my heart of hearts that these…

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