School ‘Discipline Gap’ Explodes As 1 In 4 Black Students Suspended, Report Finds

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Education
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School ‘Discipline Gap’ Explodes As 1 In 4 Black Students Suspended, Report Finds.

There’s always another inequality gap! 
After reviewing President Obama’s proposal to create 1,000 counselors or “School resource officers,” guards that can carry guns [on campus] I know that this is not going to solve anything. The American education system needs counselors, I agree, but the reason why is not only to identify the emotional issues within our students, but to properly assist them with making better academic decisions and reducing the perpetuation of minority students from straying from an academic track that will prepare them for college. The SROs are a great way to create the illusion or safety, but will this exacerbate the incarceration of teenage children? The zero-tolerance school policy across the nation, in addition to the placement of SROs could potential do greater harm to minority students involved in minuscule incidents. I agree, “We need a lot fewer children being shot and killed and we need a lot fewer children growing up in a climate of fear,” said Arne Duncan. I agree wholeheartedly, but minority children aren’t being shot in their schools, it’s within their communities. The guns we should be stopping are poor teachers, bad schools, and this assertion that evaluating and eliminating ineffective teachers is wrong. Every time we allow ineffective teachers to continue to harm the minds of our children, we should also prepare to face the perils of a Nation at Risk. #IJS #Justice

  1. Advani Carter says:

    I totally agree with you. Our children do not have the emotional support they need in school. It used to be if a child acted up they would get a stick sent home on chart, a phone call home or even a parent teacher conference. Now, if a child acts up they get a ticket, or sometimes even arrested. How harsh has our school rules & punishments become. I couldn’t imagine my child going to school in the morning & being in jail that night. That’s a nightmare many people in our community have experienced.

  2. Idea Strong says:

    Exactly, The full weight of oppression will not cease until either the oppressor realizes the damage they’ve caused or the oppressed is awakened. It is our duty to awaken the sleeping giant. It has never been in the nest interest of capitalism to give your money away. Innovative ways to deflect the wolves sharp teeth away from the sheep, involves a alternative money making strategies for literates Angeles overcomers. How do we encourage big money to invest in graduates instead of gangsters?

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