The Futility of Closing Schools in Chicago

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Welcome

Interesting Read!

Diane Ravitch's blog

The Chicago Public Schools will close about 50 elementary schools. This is the largest mass closure of public schools in U.S. history. The official announcement will be out imminently.

Approximately 90% of the children who will lose their public school are African American.

Ironically, the decision was made public soon after the release of a report saying that school closings did not save money or help children.

Here is the report by Chicago researchers:

A group of 100 or more researchers in Chicago–called CReATE– has been analyzing the issues in that city and reviewing the evidence.

Here is their brief on school closings and how they hurt children and shatter communities:

CReATE Research Brief on School Closures

When a school is closed, the facility is shut down, school staff is displaced, children are sent to other schools, and the community loses a vital resource. If Chicago Public Schools (CPS) follows…

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