The Power of An Apology!

Posted: September 20, 2014 in Welcome

Today I woke up restless, stressed, and frustrated due to a number of things that I have neglected to do throughout this week. I was mad at myself. While doing laundry in a 300 person community with 6 washing machines, it can get heated in the laundry room on the weekends.

Everyone here is gearing up for an intensive accelerated advanced degree in various graduate departments. There are 127 countries represented with everyone bringing their own cultural baggage and individual bias. Confrontation and disagreement is inevitable.

As the old folks say: “It will all come out in the wash.”

Today it did.

As I entered the laundry room, there were a number of people waiting. No one was using the sign in sheets, which meant that people were playing the “I got here first game.” Immediately, I stopped it. I do not play well with others in these types of games. I signed in and waited my turn. As my washer became available, I noticed a young lady try to slide in front of me. Now I am a gentlemen, but not a push over. I placed my things in the washer and pretended that it did not happen.

After waiting an hour and a half, the dryer I signed up for opened up. This SAME lady came back in and walked in front of me. I politely said: ‘excuse me ma’am, I was waiting here first.’ She got an attitude and walked away. She assumed that I “cut her” and quickly realized that she mad a mistake. However, she unapologetically told me: “next time use your mouth.”


I immediately left the room. I had to go pray, read, run, chase pigeons, DO SOMETHING to cool my mind because my blood was boiling.

I decided to hit the streets for a run. After a great two miles, listening to a few jams, I returned to the complex. I prayed and said ‘Ke’ apologize’. However, I also said I hope she is not there when I walk in. I get my things and on the way out I see her – deep sigh. I said ‘excuse me ma’am, I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding earlier. It’s just laundry!’ She said: “I am so sorry. I am having a rough week and the worst morning ever. I felt so bad after I left. I took it out on you.”

Obviously, we were both experiencing the same issues. We exchanged names and moved on. This could have ended VERY differently. Although I did not feel like I did anything wrong, there is unparalleled power in an apology.

I did not make a new friend, but I eliminated any chance of gaining an enemy.

If this was a dude. I would not be writing this status, but you might be reading about me. LOL

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