NO #OLIVIAPOPE needed! Memphis Daycare Center Director Handles Reporter

Posted: January 25, 2015 in Welcome

Amazing. She must be a lawyer! “We execute our plan.” Period.

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Every now and then news reporters try and manipulate the interviewees on camera with their investigative questioning and slick interviewing techniques. Well, this time, a Memphis day care center director, Terry Oliver, who was seemingly under fire by Memphis’ Fox 13 reporter Trey Paul, used her professionalism and quick wit to stand firm with the center’s decision to open the door to a drug dealer, who at the time was just a mere stranger and possible customer. We didn’t have to call Olivia Pope for this interview, Terry had it handled! Not only did she address the procedures and plans executed by the day care center, she also sent a direct challenge to city leaders in Memphis and the mayor to address how issues such as these and crime can be fixed.

If any of you ever need notes on how to remain professional and turn a negative question into a positive…

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