Mom find son amid protests and grabs him | MSNBC

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Black in America, Black Women, Education, Food For Thought, Politics

Mom find son amid protests and grabs him | MSNBC.


“She was doing what any good strong mother would do.”

OHHHHHHH REALLLY NOW?!?!?! Had she done this at the school house any other day you all would have arrested her for child abuse.

Now when are we going to identify the cops…?!?!? ShowMeTheCopFACTS.

  1. Shahidah says:

    her son seemed to be pretty respectful towards her the entire time so in my mind I see a woman who could have just went up to her son and said WTH are you doing looting or whatever it is she felt was bad behavior because it couldn’t be because he was taking a stand…
    she emasculated him in front of the world when it looked really unnecessary. I thought we learned that in 2015 this kind of reactionary belittling name calling, whooping upside the head discipline was not a better way. I thought we learned to do better with our children.

    • This is true Shahidah. I think the issues that you raise are a result of a long history in the African American community. While he’s apparently respectful it is also symbolic of a young man being metaphorically chained by his mom when attempting to challenge the system that is oppressing them both. This situation gets deep.

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