Posted: November 14, 2015 in Welcome

Dear God,

I’m drained, but there’s so much work to do.
I can’t continue to function day after day after reading stories of young African American men being shot and killed in Longview, Texas without finding the murderer(s) in a city of 80,000.
I can’t continue to read these stories and consciously live my life. I’m convicted because I know that WE MUST do something in Longview to save our youth. Yes, I’m praying for Paris, but right now, my issue is HERE, in Longview, Texas.
I am committed to joining forces with whoever is prepared to initiate and follow through with concerted efforts to help save our young men and women.
If you’re beefed up, let it go. I’m not here for your “desire to help youth” but the inability to put aside childish bickering to advance our city’s future. That’s to the so-called “adults” leading organizations. (I am just calling it as I see it.)
Our young people are DYING in our faces, and all we’re doing is putting up “RIP” each week from timeline to timeline. I’m not going to engage in telling ANYONE to ‘Rest In Peace’ when I know that peace is the last thing that lost soul will be able to do as their families toss and turn in their beds with nightmares and questions of why.
God, this is the 13th homicide this year.
God, this was the 9th homicide of a Black or Hispanic man in this city that could go without resolve.
God, how do I bear the pain of attending funerals of youth that had so much life ahead of them?
God, how do I drown out the cries of mothers and fathers in church pews as they mourn the loss of their children?
God, how do you watch caskets close knowing that this case is going to go cold?
God, I’m asking that you impart wisdom into the minds of our City officials.
There’s so much work to do, but the laborers are NOT few here God.
We just need your vision. We need your direction, and we need your unparalleled PEACE!
Let’s do it; let’s save our young men and women. Let’s TRULY become ONE Longview.

In Jesus Name,


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