This BEEF so damn Academic….

Posted: December 26, 2015 in Welcome

I didn’t want to do this, but I can’t resist. I mean it’s SO MUCH MORE to discuss than THIS.

BUT LET’S… Because: MENTAL HEALTH (I need to stop watching Black people get killed for 5 minutes).

So, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week in a half, a lot of IMPORTANT **** has taken place throughout the country, but the INTERNET has been stemming up because Meek and Drake are having a childish spat. Like the BIGGEST SANDBOX Fight since I beat up Big Jo-jo at Jodie and the whole school/neighborhood talked about it.

BUT, I said I ain’t got the time or energy to write about this **** but I can’t hold back BECAUSE LIFE. Now, I ain’t got NO kids, but I have two nephews and one niece, (5,3, and three respectively). And I promise you if a kid hit them at the park or school playground it’s gone take EVERYTHING in me not to squabble with the kids, especially if they ain’t fighting back or attempting and losing.

I’M GONE BE PISSED. BUT, if they’re winning I’m gone stand on the sidelines and pump it up. YOU BET NOT BRING YOU ASS BACK TO ME UNTIL YOU FIGHT THIS -Insert Expletive. If they hit you, hit them back, and you bet not cry.

In my mind, I am sure Nikki and Meek’s crew were like now you went out here and picked a fight on the punk ass popular kid in the park, and you weren’t prepared… but don’t bring your bitch ass back until you DONE HIT HIM back.

This TRASH ASS, WANNA KNOW (no I didn’t hyperlink that weak shit either) is the equivalent of a playground sandbox fight that went real bad real fast.

First, Drake swung, it was SOFT and you…then he realized you were the new kid, dark-skinned, from the hood, and that if he kicked your ass nobody else would fuck with him, in real life. SO HE PUNCHED THE FUCK OUT YOUR ASS WITH, BACK TO BACK, literally and figuratively.

*This piece was written months ago but failed to publish.



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