On Bill Cosby

Posted: December 31, 2015 in Welcome

“This Bill Cosby Thing is So Complex.”
It’s not.
They’re allegations. He’s popular. He’s paid. The courts will handle it.
I dare not defend him but I will high-key side eye all you new found feminist that make sexist comments and post daily on my TL.
If he raped those women, they have EVERY RIGHT to report him and see justice served.
Does this hurt? YES.
Bill Cosby is a cultural icon. Whether you like him or not.
He’s made incredible strides for the Black community but “there’s no indispensable man.”
I’m not going to ask women that have been raped to “be quiet” because of a donation he made to a college or a museum.
I’m not going to ask women that have been raped to bite the bullet because you waited too long to speak up.
I’m not going to ask women that have been raped to suffer in silence because Black men already get a bad rap.
The treatment of Black men has everything to do with America’s history and NOTHING to do with a rapist.
Some will say, you weren’t there.
You’re right. That still doesn’t negate the fact that a claim was made.
Did some of those women lie? CERTAINLY.
Will the impact of these allegation by a Black man be evaluated differently than if he were white? OF COURSE.
The cultural impact might set us back a bit but we don’t want to celebrate or prohibit the imprisonment of a man that may have committed a crime because of the present issues; let’s not reduce ourselves in that manner.
What this does prove is that Black men in America have limited margin of error.
It doesn’t matter if you’re 78 or 12, we can’t slip up.
That’s the real injustice.


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