I just wanted my 4th meal.

Posted: September 3, 2016 in Welcome
Just Another Reminder:
So, I randomly decided to creep out of the house and grab a quick frozen drink from Taco Bell. I completely forgot that it’s also the pre/post club restaurant of choice. Instead of waiting in the 5 car cue, I go inside, after all I just wanted a drink.
I ordered the drink and at the last minute decided to order a taco. OF COURSE this now places me in the Drive Thru Cue. In no rush, I laugh with the night manager as she post a handwritten “card or exact cash only” sign on the door but sought my assistance because she “didn’t want to be one of those people they talk about on Facebook.” We laugh, I get the drink and I wait for the food.
Food takes a solid ten minutes, it’s just ONE taco but I didn’t care about the time because I had my drink in hand; always remember why you started (Lol). I get the food, almost drop my phone getting in the car, and then I get trapped in my parking spot due to the drive thru cue. No worries, I inch my way out, get to the exit, turn and witness a horrible wreak.
In shock, I park my car and wait to see if anyone else saw the wreak. Of course the whole drive thru did. I get out (I know, I know, I ain’t got no medical license), slowly walk over to the car when I am meet by an ambulance truck driver. (In my mind, I knew he wasn’t a paramedic because he started telling the guy in the car to do things I KNOW people aren’t supposed to do after a wreak.)
All of the airbags have deployed and the front end is destroyed. The faux medic ask the gentlemen to exit the vehicle. I am now standing with two others; a male and a female. I curiously ask, is he okay?
Mind you, less than 50 feet away a young hispanic girl driving a truck with less damage but a deployed airbag is being comforted by a male companion.
They respond, I guess. The doctor guy, opens the door, the guy stammers out, ‘this dude is either drunk or high.’ I ask, have you all checked on them. “I don’t know if they speak English.”
I immediately walk away because this isn’t going to end well because language barriers obviously prevent harm.
I ask the man, IN ENGLISH, are you all okay, he responds, in English, yeah, she’s just a bit shaken up. Did you see the wreak, I know we have the green light, she was following me.
I don’t respond. I tell him that he should ensure that he documents the people present, the situation, and attempt to walk towards my car.
Police arrive. The “doctor” is now gone. I am now the only person around. I go to get in my car. But I am asked by one officer did you see anything? ME: He’s drunk. she is scared. He admitted he ran the light and he’s crying on the phone. Here’s my information. I’ve also provided it to them, they also speak English. If you need, assistance writing the DUI, I can help. The officer catches my drift.
Okay, you witnessed him exit the vehicle? YES. (In full snitch mode). Okay, I’ll put that in the report. GREAT! I hope the real medics tend to the victim who is in complete shock.
Annoyed. I give all of my information to young man and his friend, just in case they need a witness. And explain to them that he admitted he ran the light AND was inebriated.
Lessons Learned:
1) You never know what God is delaying you for or protecting you from. Don’t get mad!
2) If you witness an incident of bias, call them on it. I hope the gentleman who was still trying to drive is arrested. I hope the young lady is comforted and really okay.
3) Don’t leave your food in the car with the air on.
God wanted me to see that accident tonight.

It taught me a lesson: Just Wait!


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