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Last week, hundreds, if not thousands of my peers responded to Justice Scalia’s comments regarding African American’s and “slower tracked” colleges. As a response, the Twitter hashtag: #ByeAbby and memes throughout Instagram and FB showed images of Black Success throughout predominantly white institutions.

As an activist, I wanted to jump in the conversation but this time, I watched, I read, I listened, because something interesting was occurring to me. Why did we feel the need to show our success to Justice Scalia, what would this change? I dismissed my pessimism until a colleague of mine commented: Justice Scalia “inartfully asked the question that might have been necessary.”

In my mind, I agreed. The question was valid. African Americans value their HBCU experience. I am Black; I valued mine.
Just two weeks ago, Black Twitter, the black conscious community, and just black folk throughout the world, literally, responded to the issues taking place at Mizzou. Some invited their Black counterparts to HBCUs, others said we must stand in support of the issue, I just thought that everyone should know that space is a construct and doesn’t belong to ANY said race. Thus, HBCUs are inherently black and PWIs are inevitably white because of a construct NOT right.

Moving on, after reviewing Justice Scalia’s comments, they were FUCKED UP. I mean, it was inartful, he one of the most powerful fucking lawyers in the world. He isn’t an idiot. He knew the question would spark outrage, but WHY?

Despite our, African Americans success at PWI’s, we OUTPERFORM blacks at ANY OTHER none-HBCU in UG. Many may equate our education as less than, slower tracked, or sub-par, and they may be right.

But, why then do graduate schools look to HBCUs for Top Talent in their fields? Why do we more often than not, matriculate and success in graduate schools at PWIs?

It’s not about a slower track; it’s about culture. I am not a lawyer, I don’t know how to construct the question that Scalia asked but it was the structure of his inquiry, it was simply the wrong question. Black people strive in environments conducive to their success, and that is at an HBCU, without question, but that doesn’t mean it’s for every Black person. Try putting ants in Antarctic. They’d die. Or adapt. And, I dare not desire to be bitten by an ant that shifted environments and survived. I’d inquire about the ability to succeed despite the obstacle. While the polar bear, the Eskimo, and the seal all look at the ant as a threat or undesired new element, it survives. They’ll never help them. They might even pull them in the water, but the ants survive. We might lose a few here and there, but we stick together… and while the natives of the climate wonder why we’re struggling we outperform, reproduce and navigate a place that was not designed for us to survive.

Justice Scalia, I don’t have a photo, but I do have a story of survival.
It’s not about how a Black boy from a small East Texas community graduated from an Ivy League and top international school, but also how he took every skill back to the colony and trained the Ants built to ONLY survive in the summer and taught them how to survive in the winter.

Justice Scalia, you’re afraid of me. You should be. I am your darkest secret. I am the one that will make you question life on the planet once a fucking ant bites your foot in the Antarctica.