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Ta-Nehisi Coates’s “Letter to My Son” – The Atlantic.


I enjoy reading Ta-Nehisi Coates, I DO, but you have to seriously set two days aside to read, and five more to digest his articles….BUT THEY ARE THE TRUTH!

This Baldwinian inspired piece is one for the books. If you have like a few lunch breaks check it out….


“They made us into a race. We made ourselves into a people.” – Coates


▶ President Obama sings Amazing Grace (C-SPAN) – YouTube.


AND I found out that half of my FB friends are just oh so “fed up with America.” BUT BUT…. for the past 6 months demanded that we ALL be treated equally….. hmmmm that’s strange. Remember the same bible used to justify slavery is the one you’re using to marginalize a group as well…. but I am just minding my own business today.


OAN: When we get a law to reduce police brutality against Black and Brown bodies I hope there’s a similar united celebration….


#SelectiveChristians #AintBeenToChurch #WeStoodWithYou #StandWithUS #IMDONE


P.S. Please keep your scriptures to yourself. I am the grandson of a minister and I have been to more baptist conventions than Moses so I am honestly not interested in dialogue.

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